Frankfort Kentucky

The new access control service by inventors renaissance.

Safety does not inhibit creativity. Rather, it enables it. Tool Steward is a comprehensive access control system designed to work with all of your existing power tools and give you peace of mind. Tool Steward integrates a compact power cutoff device with an online access control dashboard that lets you control when, for how long, and by whom your devices can be used. It also streamlines shop space management with power profiling, part replacement shortcuts, and maintenance request queueing.

Safety is a skill that can be taught and must be practiced. That’s why Tool Steward is partnered with the complementary product Skill Steward. Skill Steward trains and tracks users in the safe usage of individual tools, facilitates automated and in-person safety assessments, and can even be used for training in technical and creative masteries. Streamline safety training for your employees or clients, and have Tool Steward automatically permit access only by individuals with up-to-date safety certifications.

Tool Steward is the productivity tool your shop space needs. With a one-time device cost for each access control device, and a modest subscription fee for ongoing access to the administrator dashboard, your tools will be secure from misuse, freeing you to focus on just using them.