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inventors renaissance, LLC, exists to bring communities together through education. This involves integration of educational goals with industry needs, development of efficacious learning and teaching mechanisms, and incentivization of community collaboration.

ir Games is a branch of inventors renaissance that delivers experiences bringing education and community together through games. Our first launched product, Minds Across Time, is a deeply strategic trading card game in which players unite the talents of historical characters to create great inventions. Our newest offering, Edgy, is a fast-paced tile game designed for 2-3 players where players tactically group and trade tiles in order to maximize their points.

ir Games prides itself on combining professional game design with educational research and standards alignment. We use educational motivations to suggest novel game mechanics, and we use cutting-edge game design practice to provide new pedagogies for a broader range of students. Games are not - by themselves - a complete approach to education for all students, but they are a rich medium for self-expression, exploration, understanding complex interactions, and practicing robust skills. Through ir Games, inventors renaissance is also able to encourage interaction of learners across age and experience levels.

Looking to the future, ir Games has plans to release several new games, as well as to expand on existing offerings. ir Games also plans to integrate their products more holistically into a general education platform.

ir GAmes

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