There are a variety of projects underway, including:

  • Robust and user-friendly access control with Tool Steward
  • Intelligent training with Skill Steward
  • Design of Explorable Games, like Minds Across Time
  • Interactive Pedagogy
  • Modeling human learning
  • Automated curriculum construction
  • Incentive structure optimization
  • Improved tools for 3d model creation

Leonardos Laboratory

The One-Stop Workshop



Blending expert instruction with over $100,000 of tools and machines and ready materials, Leo’s Lab is a hobbyist’s dream. Featuring digital design spaces (Pattern Making), Computer Numerically Controlled machines (Prototyping), and industrial manufacturing tools (Production), Leo’s Lab can be used for product development, business incubation, or just making cool stuff. With classes throughout the year, a variety of family-friendly programs, and a complementary set of designs, kits, and references, it’s easy to get started, and it’s easy to get the whole family involved!


Frankfort Kentucky