Katt - Chief Demiurgic Wizard. When Katt isn’t making art for the best trading card game in the world, she can often be found doing 3d sculpting and animation.

Patrick - Programming Intern. When Patrick isn’t developing the user interfaces for ir’s web-based products, he can often be found doing miscellaneous CAD work or coaching others through virtual worlds with his level-capped avatars.







Inventors Renaissance

Team Bios



Jason - Co-Founder. Director of Sales and Product Development. When Jason isn’t working to integrate communities, industry and education, he can often be found building things for his family or having “space sword” battles with his youngest daughter.

(S)am - Co-Founder. Director of Technology and Innovation. When he isn’t engineering new products or playtesting Minds Across Time theme decks, he can often be found doing artificial intelligence research at Brown University and studying computational models of human learning.


Frankfort Kentucky