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Product/Project Development

inventors renaissance is currently developing a variety of softwares that will make it easier to produce functional 3d models from a variety of sources. inventors renaissance currently has a prototype software package that can produce compelling 3d reliefs from a variety of photographs.

There are a variety of projects underway, including:

  • Robust and user-friendly access control with Tool Steward
  • Intelligent training with Skill Steward
  • Design of Explorable Games, like Minds Across Time
  • Interactive Pedagogy
  • Modeling human learning
  • Automated curriculum construction
  • Incentive structure optimization
  • Improved tools for 3d model creation

inventors renaissance is fueled by the desire to improve, and to do what has not been done before. To that end, research and development is a significant part of our business model, ranging from design work under established production technologies to academic research exploring what’s possible. ir currently employs experts in areas ranging from advanced manufacturing to artificial intelligence, web design to game design.

ir Development is available as a consulting agency or as research-for-hire for projects in the domains of education, makerspace management, or unique product engineering. ir also plans to continue to partner with local designers, engineers, and makers in order to provide communities with local production solutions.