Frankfort Kentucky

There are a variety of projects underway, including:

  • Robust and user-friendly access control with Tool Steward
  • Intelligent training with Skill Steward
  • Design of Explorable Games, like Minds Across Time
  • Interactive Pedagogy
  • Modeling human learning
  • Automated curriculum construction
  • Incentive structure optimization
  • Improved tools for 3d model creation

Leo’s Kids is a club for children up to 7th grade focused on exploration and discovery. Art, Science, and Math blend together in the weekly activities that inventors renaissance has designed for eager minds. Leo’s Kids also emphasizes teamwork and building family relationships.

Independent chapters for Leo’s Kids can be organized, but ir also sponsors Leo’s Kids by hosting club activities every week at its maker spaces. Leo’s Kids is part of a suite of family-oriented programs, along with monthly special classes, weekly open house, and a designated Kids Lab with everything a child needs to cultivate their creative and scientific interests.

Leonardos Kids

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