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Minds Across Time can truly be used in as many ways as there are teachers. Probably more, to be honest. First of all, students will learn simply by playing the game, whether in their free time or as a reward for completing in­class assignments. But teachers can also teach entire lessons using Minds Across Time cards. A lesson on number lines could involve testing which characters were alive during a significant event by using the birth and death dates printed on each character card. A lesson on the solar system could look at the Summer and Winter cards and examine why they have the effects they have. Teachers can also build lessons around custom cards or have students design their own cards. 

Fun ...

Minds Across Time is fun. Kids need that, and we refuse to apologize for it. We also believe (and a paper by Singh, et al. backs us up) that students learn better when they are engaged and independently motivated. But in addition to being fun, Minds Across Time integrates with more than 40 educational standards across math, science, social studies, reading, and interpersonal skills. Students team up with some of the greatest minds in history to invent victory in this deeply tactical and highly customizable game.



Minds Across Time is a Collectible Trading Card Game played using decks of official Minds Across Time ...

​​​This game was made by teachers, for students, with the help of independently published game designers ...

Why IS this

Game Different

It’s a Collectible Trading Card Game (TCG). Design your deck, develop your strategy, then look for a challenge.





Any teacher who has played the game can see how it is educational, but your bosses may not necessarily ...

Minds Across Time

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