Mission Statement:

The Guild of Sustainability exists to solve problems in the future, as well as in the present, for da Vinci Technical Institute and for the world at large. The Guild of Sustainability will educate students on long term ubiquitous challenges such as providing food, shelter, energy, healthcare, community, and education to the world. The Guild of Sustainability will examine not only technologies, but also ideas, business models, and social structures that make sustainability possible.

The Guild of Sustainability includes the Division of Structure and the Division of Culture

Division of Structure Manifesto

daVinci Technical Institute

Guild OF Sustainability

Mission Statement:
The Division of Structure exists to ensure the creation of things that last. The Division of Structure aims to create solutions to universal human needs which minimize impact on our environment and facilitate future changes.

The Division of Structure interacts with the other divisions to manufacture fullscale solutions to problems like energy, shelter, and tools production.


  • Sustainable Living
  • Green Energy

Division of Culture Manifesto

Mission Statement:
The Division of Culture exists to design and create systems which grow and develop over time and are driven by living elements. The Division of Culture engages its immediate community and the world in solutions to issues like sustainable agriculture, education, and engineering of human society.

The Division of Culture gives students experience working with sustainable living systems by growing food, instituting sustainable communities and groups, and assessing and improving the system of da Vinci Technical Institute itself.


  • Horticulture
  • Profitability


Frankfort Kentucky