Frankfort Kentucky

Mission Statement:
The Division of Time exists to aid the transition of knowledge from one person to another by educating in the use of sequential media, such as language, music, and video, and by documenting and preserving the thoughts and ideas of the world today. The Division of Time also brings together the community around important decisions, issues, and ideas.

The Division of Time achieves its goal of community integration and communication not only through the education of students, but also through the hosting of community forums and regular entertainment, including dramas and literary publications.


  • Lyrics
  • Blogging
  • Documentation
  • Movie Making

Division of Space Manifesto

Mission Statement:
The Division of Space aims to package and preserve human thought through the creation of artifacts and environments which are experienced through multiple senses.

The Division of Space collaborates with the Guild of Innovation and the Division of Time to design and manufacture tools for creating experiences, and combining those in a compelling manner.


  • Cosplay Tech
  • Graphic Design
  • Alternate Worlds

Mission Statement:
The Guild of Presentation exists to foster the craft of presentation; that is the ability to deliver something with meaning. The Guild of Presentation benefits and empowers its students, and improves the quality of life for community members through delivery of designed entertainment, public forum, and instruction. The Guild of Presentation has two divisions, the Division of Time and the Division of Space.

Division of Time Manifesto

daVinci Technical Institute

Guild OF Presentation