Frankfort Kentucky

Mission Statement:
The Guild of Inquiry exists to facilitate solutions to all community problems through tools of the mind. The Guild of Inquiry empowers students to extract knowledge from the world around them and trains them to reason powerfully, so that new insights can be generated. Community members rely on the Guild of Inquiry to map the boundaries of what is possible. The Guild of Inquiry is composed of the Division of Thought and the Division of Reality.

Division of Thought Manifesto

Mission Statement:
The Division of Thought exists to cultivate deductive insights into today’s problems. The Division of Thought empowers students and community members to derive and understand new methods of overcoming contemporary challenges, as well as illuminating the ideas discovered by generations prior.

The Division of Thought empowers community members to generate insights by reducing problems to their core. The Division of Thought uses trans-disciplinary reasoning to generate new solutions from old ones as well as from the problem itself.


  • Industrial Increments
  • Video Game Physics
  • The Athenaeum

Division of Reality Manifesto

Mission Statement:
The Division of Reality exists to uncover new knowledge through directed observation. Students of the Division of Reality solve community problems through iterative improvement, experimentation with models, and feedback mechanisms.

The Division of Reality teaches methods used by scientists in a variety of disciplines and applies an empirical rigor to modern day problems.


  • Sensory Augmentation
  • Destruction Testing
  • Architecture

daVinci Technical Institute

Guild OF Inquiry