Mission Statement:
The Division of Automation exists to solve community problems at the scale of project teams, da Vinci Technical Institute, the city, the nation, and even the world at large by using automation techniques and technologies to automate or simplify tasks that are boring, dangerous, repetitive, or impossible for humans otherwise. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for many people while doing no harm.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the Division of Automation will spread knowledge of computer programming (as a pattern making, prototyping, and production chain), electronic actuators, and human process automation. The Division of Automation will support student projects and sponsor projects which play a role in education, manufacturing, communication, and entertainment, among others.


  • Video Game Production
  • Advanced Game Production
  • Web App Development
  • App Development
  • Robotics

Division of Process Manifesto

Mission Statement:
The Division of Process exists to solve community problems by putting the power of invention into the hands of students and community members. The Division of Process enables individuals to solve their own problems by developing their own tools and assistive technologies. The inventions produced in the Division of Process are distributed so the world can benefit from our work.

The Division of Process focuses on design in three steps: pattern making, prototyping, and production. The Division of Process disburses knowledge about computer-aided design, rapid prototyping technologies, and manufacturing technologies in a variety of materials. The Division of Process sponsors or supports projects that involve design of assistive technologies among others, and the Division of Process partners with the Division of Automation to invent autonomous solutions to everyday problems.


  • Extreme Prototyping
  • Musical Instrument Invention
  • Mass Production

Mission Statement:
The Guild of Innovation exists to create tools to solve community problems at scale. The Guild of Innovation trains students in the industrial methods of pattern making, prototyping, and production that they need to invent new solutions to contemporary problems, and the Guild of Innovation provides the collaborative environment necessary for great ideas to flourish. The Guild of Innovation includes the Division of Automation and the Division of Process.

Division of Automation Manifesto

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